Leak Osint

What do you think scammers know about you? If you know in advance what information about you has leaked onto the Internet, you can prevent your accounts from being hacked before it's too late.

Through our service you can:

  • Find out which of your passwords are no longer secure

  • Find out which site leaked your data

  • Determine who exactly called you at one in the morning

  • Find the owner of a car parked on the lawn

  • Return lost documents to the owner

  • Identify a telephone hooligan or spammer

  • Find a namesake or relative

  • Find out the number of owners of the car you want to buy.

  • And much more.

For companies, we provide the ability to run thousands of queries at a time.

  • This can be useful for different purposes:

  • Dividing the audience into target groups by age, gender, geolocation and other data.

  • Separation of real people from bots (bots' emails and phone numbers are not found in leaks)

  • Checking users for resistance to hacking (if the user’s password is leaked, you need to warn him about the need to change it)

🌍 Our bases cover the whole world - from the USA and Canada to Japan and China. But most of the data relates to post-Soviet countries - Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and others.

A free trial period of 7 days is available for all users, which will allow you to see what our service is capable of!